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主日崇拜Sunday Worship Service

時間:11am-12:15am 雙語-粵/英

本週 2022-8-14
講員:林崇智牧師 Pastor David Lum
信息:赦罪之恩 Grace of Forgiveness
讀經 Scripture: 詩篇 Psalms 130:1-8

8/21 Sermon 下週講道: Pastor Simon Mak 麥中堂牧師


國語崇拜Mandarin Worship Service 9:15am
粵⁄英語崇拜Bilingual Worship Service 11:00am
儿童崇拜Children Worship Program 9:15am – 10:30am
雙語堂主日學 Bilingual Sunday School 9:00 am
國語主日學 Mandarin Sunday School 10:45 am

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  • Elder and Deacon Nominations 長執提名 During the month of August, the elders will welcome nominations for the offices of Elder and Deacon. If you would like to nominate someone for a specific office, submit a typed form to one of the elders by the end of Aug. Two separate forms (one for each office) will be provided later this week through email. 長老們鼓勵你提名新任長老和執事人選. 如果您提名某人, 請在八月底前提交 提名表格給你們的長老. 本週內將通過電子郵件提供兩種單獨的表格(每人一 表格) 。
  • Church Summer Picnic- Cancelled 教會夏季野餐聯誼已取消 Due to conflict of schedule with Minnie Chiu’s memorial service, the church summer picnic has been cancelled. 因與趙師母的追思禮拜時間衝突而被取消
  • Minnie Chiu’s Memorial Service 趙張美賢師母的追思禮拜 Please join the Chiu family to celebrate the life and ministry of Mrs. Minnie Chiu, our founding pastor's wife. The memorial service will take place at CBCCOC on Saturday, August 27th at 3:00pm. The address is 12012 Yale Court in Irvine. Face masks are encouraged and appreciated. Livestream https://youtu.be/Foxvq7F_wD4 讓我們一起慶祝創會牧師的妻子趙張美賢師母的一生及事工。她的追思禮拜 將於 8 月 27 日星期六下午 3 點在 CBCCOC 舉行。 地址是 12012 Yale Court in Irvine。鼓勵並謝謝您戴口罩。 附上 YouTube 直播鏈接。
  • 為留車位給訪客,請將車停在
    Center 和 Olive 交口的公共停車塲