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橙縣華人浸信會 CBCOC - 雙語堂主日聚會

時間: 10:45 AM

信息: 排難解紛的門徒
Sermon: Disciple who makes peace
讀經: 帖撒羅尼迦後書 3:6-18
Scripture: 2 Thes. 3:6-18

Sunday Sermon Next Sunday 下主日講道: Pastor Ryan / 張耕良牧師


國語崇拜Mandarin Worship Service 9:15am
粵⁄英語崇拜Bilingual Worship Service10:45am
儿童崇拜Children Worship Program 9:15am – 10:30am
雙語堂主日學 Bilingual Sunday School 9:15 am
國語主日學 Mandarin Sunday School 10:45 am

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    地址:412 East Broadway, Anaheim, CA 92805


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  • Today's Communion 今日聯合聖餐 Adult Sunday School please end 5 minutes early and enter Sanctuary at 11:40 AM to participate in the Lord’s Supper.
    請成人主日學提早5 分鐘結束進入主堂參加。

  • Staff Time Away 秘書放假
    6/1-14 唐澤心姐妹 Secretary Anita Tong

  • Disciple Making Projects 門徒訓練項目
    As reported in the April Membership Meeting, church Elders and leaders have been discussing five specific projects to grow CBCOC into a Healthier Church by focusing on Disciple Making. We will be inviting a number of members to a meeting in June to enlist their participation in this effort.
    正如在4 月份的會員大會上所報告的, 教會長老和領袖們一直在討論五個具體項目, 通過注重門徒訓練, 將CBCOC 發展成為一個更健康的教會。我們將邀請一些會員 參加6 月份的會議, 徵詢他們參與這項工作。

  • Church Retreat June 14-16 教會夏令退修會
    Bilingual retreat will be on June 15 at BIOLA University. Today is the last day to register and is $30 per person.
    雙語堂退修會將於6 月15 日在BIOLA 大學舉行。今日最後一天報名每人$30。

  • Mandarin and English retreat will be June 14-16 at Pepperdine University.
    Today is the last day to register: $200 - adults, $100 - youth/college, $25 - children/infants.
    國語和英語堂退修會將於6 月14 至16 日於Pepperdine University 舉行。 今日最後一天報名,成人$200,青少年/大學$100,兒童/嬰孩$25。
    Registration and more information for both retreats will be provided through this link: cbcoc.org/retreat2024. 報名和詳情,請點擊連結。

  • Worship Service on Sunday, June 16 父親節主日上午 10 點聯合崇拜
    For those unable to make the retreat, a joint worship service will take place at 10 AM in the main building. No Sunday school classes, lunch, babysit will be provided.
    無法參加退修會的弟兄姊妹,歡迎參加父親節主日在教會主堂上午 10 點的聯合崇拜。
    當日沒有主日學班, 午餐和孩童照顧。

  • Disciple Training 會員門徒訓練
    Brothers and sisters who plan to become member of our church must receive at least 4 hrs of membership training to match the theme of discipleship. We would welcome you to join our Members Meeting on Jun 30.
    擬加入教會的弟兄姊妹,必須接受至少4 小時的會員訓練以配合門徒生活的主題。 6 月30 日的會員大會將會歡迎您。

  • Graduate Recognition 表彰畢業生
    We will acknowledge your High School, College and Postgraduates on 6/23. Please register with Min Eugene Kim.
    6/23 為高中,大學及研究生畢業生致意,請向金承哲傳道登記。

  • Vacation Bible School (VBS) Volunteer Search
    VBS will be held from July 17-19 from 6-9pm. This year CBCOC will host this event and partner with 3 churches. We hope to seek minimum 30 volunteers that are willing and able to serve as VBS helper for all 3 days. Please contact Min Eugene Kim if you are interested or use the QR Code to sign up.
    暑期聖經學校將於7 月17 日至19 日下午6 點至9 點舉行。教會將主辦 今年的活動,並會與3 間教會合作。我們希望得到至少30 名同工協助 這三天的活動。請聯繫金承哲傳道並註明那一天可參與,或使用二維碼報名

  • Month of June Bilingual Congregation LUNCH SETUP